To everyone involved in muscular dystrophy

Myopathies caused by the same Dysferlin gene mutation have different names depending on the clinical pathology (proximal muscle predominance / distal muscle predominance).
Proximal muscle dominance
Limb girdle muscular dystrophy R2(LGMD R2 / LGMD 2B)
Distal muscle predominance
Miyoshi muscular dystrophy(MMD)
Distal myopathy with anterior tibial onset (DMAT)
Distal anterior compartment myopathy(DACM)

Our disease is categorized by clinical pathology (proximal muscle predominance / distal muscle predominance), and we are faced with the following problems.
1. I don't know that it's a muscle disease that develops with the same causative gene
2. Not knowing that they can be treated together
3. There are cases in which even related Brothers and sisters have different disease names
 *If the medical institution is different
4. There are cases that cannot be subjects of clinical Study or clinical trial
 *Including blood related siblings
5. Difficulty in smoothly recruiting subjects for clinical Study and clinical trial
6. There are cases that cannot be targeted for treatment
7. Difficult to determine exact number of patients

Our disease is a rare disease with very few patients. Therefore, we believe it is important for patients to work together to Certification Dysferlinopathy as a unified disease name for muscle diseases caused by mutations in the Dysferlin gene. We hope that each country will establish an organization specializing in Dysferlinopathy.
1. Awareness raising of medical information about dysferlinopathy
2. Promoting genetic testing for dysferlinopathy
3. Construction of patient registration system for dysferlinopathy
4. Authorize dysferlinopathy on an ICD-10 diagnosis cord
 *International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
5. Authorize dysferlinopathy as a disease covered by the medical expenses insurance system (health insurance)

Our disease has been studied for many years in many countries.
We too must walk the path to healing.

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